About Us


Safe As Houses.... how we help you

Founded in 2022, Safe As Houses is providing a service that aims to reduce your time to Sale Agreed by up to 30% whilst reducing the carbon impact by up to 25%.

How we do it?

Almost all solicitors will insist that a Building Survey is completed on a property sale prior to signing contracts. This is currently completed after all viewings have taken place and a bid has been agreed between the Seller and Buyer.

Safe As Houses works with the seller/estate agent to complete the Building survey at the same time as the mandatory BER cert. This reduces the need for an additional visit by the engineer (or multiple engineers if sales fall through). Once complete we upload the report to www.safeashouses.ie.

Once online we insist that viewings can only be booked by people who have downloaded the survey, which ensures a knowledgeable genuine prospective buyer versus those who may not be really interested or are uninformed about what they are buying.

This process improves the quality of prospective buyer viewing your property which eliminates time consuming non value add viewings and reduces risks of sales falling through all of which contribute to the reduction of time to Sale Agreed and Carbon emissions.


“It was important to the potential purchaser when they did download the report it made their mind up fairly quickly if they were going to go for it or not” – Sherry Fitzgerald Hennessy, Youghal.